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Welcome to my website. My name is Philip Seaton. Originally from London, I am a professor in the Research Faculty of Media and Communication, Hokkaido University, Japan. I have been at Hokkaido University since 2004.

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I have a broad range of research interests. The basic focus of my research is modern Japanese history from 1853 to the present day. But, I am not a historian. Instead, my research analyses the meanings of history and representations of historical events in contemporary Japan. A main aim of this site is to introduce my research. It also contains a completely up-to-date publications list.

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Photo: Hokkaido Gokoku Shrine in Asahikawa, Hokkaido.


Modern Japanese Studies Program

At Hokkaido University I am the convenor of the Modern Japanese Studies Program. MJSP provides a broad-based education in the social sciences and humanities, alongside rigorous training in the Japanese language, for an intake of 20 international students per year.

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Hokkido University's Modern Japanese Studies Program

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平成28年度研究総長賞(奨励賞)を受賞しました。2年連続で受賞させていただいたことはとても名誉なことだと思っています。1月31日の表彰式に出席する予定です。 I am honoured to have been awarded a Hokkaido University President’s Award for Outstanding Research for the second year in a row. The prize ceremony is on 31 January.   Update (31 January): I was delighted that my main research partner on the contents tourism project, Professor Takayoshi Yamamura, also won a prize!

January 13, 2017

Local History and War Memories in Hokkaido

I have completed the online appendix for my book Local History and War Memories in Hokkaido. It contains many links useful for researching colonial and war history/memory issues in Hokkaido. Check it out here.

December 19, 2016

Book Chapter Published in “Press Freedom in Contemporary Japan”

I have a book chapter titled “NHK, War-related Television, and the Politics of Fairness” in Jeff Kingston’s latest edited volume, Press Freedom in Contemporary Japan.

December 15, 2016