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Welcome to my website. My name is Philip Seaton. Originally from London, I am a professor in the Office of International Affairs/International Student Center at Hokkaido University, Japan. I have been at Hokkaido University since 2004.

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Photo: Chuo Lawn, Hokkaido University campus.



I have a broad range of research interests in the modern history and society of Japan, but I categorise them into three main areas (although there is much overlap between them): 1) War Memories, 2) Hokkaido History and Society, and 3) Tourism. A main aim of this site is to introduce my research. It also contains a completely up-to-date publications list.

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Photo: Hokkaido Gokoku Shrine in Asahikawa, Hokkaido.


Modern Japanese Studies Program

At Hokkaido University I am a course co-convenor of the Modern Japanese Studies Program. MJSP provides a broad-based education in the social sciences and humanities, alongside rigorous training in the Japanese language, for an intake of 20 international students per year. Do visit the MJSP website to learn more about the program.

Photo: The Modern Japanese Studies Program begins in April 2015!

Hokkido University's Modern Japanese Studies Program

Latest Blog Posts

Karafuto/Sakhalin Project: Book contract signed

For the past three years I have been part of a research group led by Dr Svetlana Paichadze in the Research Faculty of Media and Communication, Hokkaido University. We have been researching the history and legacies of Japan’s presence in Karafuto (present day southern Sakhalin). As part of this project Dr Paichadze and I have …

April 7, 2014

Major research grant secured for my tourism project

I have been awarded a 5-year Japanese government research grant (Kiban A, i.e. 20-50 million yen category) for my contents tourism project run jointly with Professor Takayoshi Yamamura in the Center for Advanced Tourism Studies (CATS) at Hokkaido University. This secures the financial future of the project for the next five years. More details of …

April 7, 2014

BAJS Symposium, “Risk, Society and Politics in Contemporary Japan”, 24-25 May 2014

The line-up for the next British Association for Japanese Studies (Japan Branch) symposium have been finalized. It is taking place at Shiga University on 24-25 May 2014 and is being organized by Robert Aspinall and myself. Please see the symposium website for details.

[ BAJS ]
March 27, 2014