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Research Faculty of Media and Communication, Hokkaido University

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Hokkaido History and Society

I have developed a strong interest in Hokkaido history and society since moving here in 2004. Hokkaido is a fascinating vantage point from which to observe Japan. Much of my research comes under the category of local war memories or contents tourism. However, I did a case study of the financial collapse of Yubari (a former coal mining town in central Hokkaido) for the Shrinking Regions project, run by Dr Peter Matanle and Dr Anthony Rausch. I have also been part of a group research project run by Dr Svetlana Paichadze focusing on the Japanese experience of Karafuto (Southern Sakhalin).

 Photo: The disused mine that is now part of the Yubari Coal Mining Museum

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Major Recent Publications

Philip A. Seaton (ed) Local History and War Memories in Hokkaido (Routledge 2016).

Svetlana Paichadze and Philip A. Seaton (eds) Voices from the Shifting Russo-Japanese Border: Karafuto/Sakhalin (Routledge, 2015).

‘Depopulation and Financial Collapse in Yubari: Market Forces,  Administrative Folly, or a Warning to Others?’ in Social Science Japan Journal 13.2 (2010), pp. 227-40.


Research in Progress

My main work on Hokkaido now is focusing on contents tourism. We are  conducting a large-scale survey of film location tourism and municipal responses in Hokkaido as one of the four core themes of our contents tourism project.