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In addition to my work at Hokkaido University, I am active as an amateur composer. NB. While I consider these activities to be complementary to my academic work at Hokkaido University, I have no position or work duties at the university related to my musical activities. The first public performance of one of my pieces was in 1990. Since then, I have fitted in musical activities as much as possible around study and work commitments.


Upcoming Performances

Here are the upcoming performances that I will be attending.

December 2017 (provisional date, 14 December; provisional title, A Christmas Carol), a piece commissioned for the Stanmore Choral Society Christmas concert 2017.


CD - Philip Seaton: Chamber Works

In 2017 I am planning to self-release a CD provisionally titled Philip Seaton: Chamber Works. Negotiations with professional musicians to record Bitter Suite, Rainy Day, Memories of Japan, and Reflections are at an advanced stage. The recording is scheduled for 22-23 August 2017 and the planned release date of the CD is sometime in the autumn. More information will be posted as and when available.


Compositions Catalogue

The following pieces have received public performances (pieces are numbered in the catalogue in chronological order of first performance). Click the piece name to go to a page containing more details about the piece, sound samples and all sheet music downloads (full score + performer parts).

10) ABC (2017; 2 minutes; piano and children’s chorus; first performance 2017 – commissioned by Hokkaido International School for the concert “ABC”).

9) Concerto Grosso (2004; 16 minutes; chamber orchestra; first performance 2004 – commissioned by the Hillingdon Music Service, London).

8) The Greatest is Love (2003; 10 minutes; choir, strings and organ; first performance 2004).

7) The Mill Suite (2003; 10 minutes; choir and string quartet; first performance 2003 – commissioned by the Mill Hill Music Festival, London).

6) Bitter Suite (1999; 23 minutes; octet; first performance 2003).

5) Requiem (2000; 37 minutes; choir, orchestra, baritone solo; first performance 2002).

4) Rainy Day (2000; 4 minutes; two violins and piano; first performance 2000).

3) Memories of Japan (2000; 10 minutes; string quartet; first performance 2000).

2) Reflections (1993, revised 1998; 32 minutes; piano quintet; first performance 2000).

1) Serenade for Solo Violin and String Orchestra (1989; 13 minutes; violin and string orchestra; first performance 1990).


Terms and Conditions

I write music for pleasure rather than profit, and simply hope that as many other people as possible will enjoy the music too. But, please respect a few basic terms and conditions.

1) If you are planning to include a piece of mine in your concert, please use the following profile in the programme notes (Philip Seaton Composer Profile, March 2017 version). Programmes and publicity materials should include the url:

2) All my pieces so far are unpublished. The sheet music is made available for free on this website as download files after the pieces have received their first public performance and have been registered with the PRS for Music (Performing Right Society, UK). The sheet music can be downloaded and printed out for free. The sheet music may not be altered digitally, although performers may pencil in performance markings to printed out sheet music as part of rehearsals/public performances. The sheet music may not be distributed on a commercial basis without the written permission of Philip Seaton.

3) As a member of PRS for Music I receive royalties for public performances. A courtesy email telling me of an upcoming performance is greatly appreciated, but it is not necessary if PRS for Music has been notified of the performance. Written permission is required from Philip Seaton to produce the first commercial and/or publicly-available recordings.

4) Philip Seaton retains all copyrights. In the event of copyright infringement disputes, please note I possess concert recordings of all the pieces listed in the catalogue, and they are also registered with both PRS for Music and with Copyright House.

All works registered with Copyright House