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Research Thesis Supervision

In the Graduate School of Education I supervise postgraduate research on topics relating to Japanese history and society. Here is a list of my current or past thesis supervisions.


Current Students (PhD)

April 2015 –  : World War II in Japanese Popular Culture

April 2015 – : Views of Japan in Russia and of Russia in Japan focusing on the centre (Tokyo/Moscow) and periphery (Hokkaido/Sakhalin)

April 2016 – : Shinto and Community in the Centre and Periphery, 1868-1945

Current Students (MA)

April 2016 – : Historical Consciousness and History Textbooks in China and Japan (MA)

April 2016 – : Gender and History in the Bakumatsu Period (MA)

Current Students (Research Students)



Successfully Completed Theses

2014-2016 (MA Thesis) : Shinto and the Identity of Japanese Immigrants in Hokkaido and Hawaii

2013-2015 (MA Thesis) : The Yasukuni Issue in the Japanese and Chinese Press

2012 – 2014 (MA Thesis): History textbooks and history education in Japan

2010-2012 (MA Thesis): Representations of China in the Japanese Media

2009-10 (MA Thesis): War memories in Hokkaido and Okinawa

2007-9 (MA Thesis): International Education and Volunteer Work in Japanese High Schools


Photo: The cherry blossoms in full bloom at Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo.