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About this Website & Social Media Policy

This website is maintained by Philip Seaton of Hokkaido University for the purpose of disseminating his research and making available teaching materials and other resources for his students and academic colleagues. The views expressed in this website belong to Philip Seaton and are not necessarily the views of Hokkaido University or any other organisation.

All materials available on the website are free to download and use for personal educational purposes. Any republication or reuse of materials or photos for commercial purposes is forbidden without the written permission of Philip Seaton.


Social Media Policy

I maintain a minimal social media presence. I do not randomly collect social media “friends” and contacts. I only become Facebook friends with people I know personally (family, friends, colleagues) or people with whom I have developed a good online professional relationship. I do not accept friend requests from undergraduate students or prospective students.

For any professional matters, please contact me directly by email or follow me on my two academic accounts ( and ResearchGate). My and ResearchGate accounts merely duplicate some of the information in this website.